Cat Menstrual Cycle and Mating

Cat Menstrual Cycle
After its first menstrual cycle, she has several separated heats at intervals of two or three weeks, overall at spring and summer, and in places with heating system and good illumination, through out the year they last in between seven and ten days.

Veterinaries are of the opinion that it is best to mate them when they have fulfilled their nine months of age and have had three or four heat stages, but they advice to submit the female cats to medical exams before being mounted by the male. Due to the regularity of the menstrual cycle of the female cats, it is possible to foresee when its next heat stage is due and by it to make the proper preparations, as the negotiations of the conditions (overall in what is referred to the price) with the owner of the stud.

The ideal is that the whelps be born at spring or at the beginning of summer so that the mother can take advantage of the good weather conditions and the high temperatures to compensate its weakness.

Cat Mating
The usual is to take the female cat to be mounted by the male, the second or third day of heat and that they stay together for three or four days.

The first day she usually is put inside a cage near to that of the male and thus is separated by a wire grating. The second day, they both enter into a stage of sexual excitation and are put together for the male to mount her several times.

Some couples like to be apart when not in the act, although there are some that curl themselves in the same box to sleep.

When picking up the cat, take her home and don’t let her go out to the streets for several days. She will still be in the heat stage and in spite of the experience she will continue to exhibit the characteristic sexual behavior. She will still be attractive to other males and her presence will make them meow in front of the window. It is then when the owner must start making plans, because, supposing that the male has been successful, the whelps will be born around 63 days after.

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