Cat Mutation Effects

Some mutant genes, as is the diluted black that gives place to the blue cats, have been consolidated for so long that its effects are barely noticed. It is assumed that there are cats of a gray bluish tone, as also there are others that are tiger like and nobody stops to considered the many genetic mechanisms that have transformed a tiger like cat into a blue one. But, sporadically, a mutant gene produces innovating and spectacular results.

This has happened in the last decades with the breeds of Scottish fold (a cat without hair) and the German Rex (of a frizzled cloak).

In nature, without any human intervention, this mutations probably would have disappeared in the genetic heap and maybe they wouldn’t have reappeared, if it would not have been for people related with the world of feline breeding that noticed accidentally this new characteristics  that is why a selective breeding was done, beginning from the original mutations and in all the cases a new race was created.

Atmospheric Cat Mutations
They must be considered apart, in spite of the genetic similarities, the mutations caused by the radioactive expositions and other atmospheric toxic substances that give place to malformations. Because these whelps frequently die when just born or short after, and almost always are sterile the mutations are usually not transmitted.

Apart from the mutations due to atmospheric causes, there exist several genetic defects that appear because the main effect of a gene comes accompany by an additional disability. For example, the dominant gene W, that produces completely white cloaks, has an associated tendency to deafness, which is specially accused in white cats of blue eyes, but it also can affect white cats with orange eyes or of unmatched colors.

This defect in the inner ear is developed shortly after being born and has no treatment. As consequence, the whelp lacks of one of its most basic sense for survival and also he can’t integrate socially because he can’t respond to the mother if the cat is a female and has a litter, things get worse The mother can’t respond to the calling of the whelps, for which they don’t receive the adequate caring. The only way to stop this vicious circle is to sterilize deaf adult female cats so they won’t have whelps.

It these measures are not taken, the white gene will be kept buried in the genetic heap and reappear in the next generations.

However, the public thought that all white cats are deaf is false. To prove that a cat is deaf or not should be an easy job, if it weren’t because deaf cats compensate its defect by developing a great sensitivity on the paws, so although they can’t hear someone entering into a room, they perceive their presence by the vibrations on the floor.

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