Cat Mystical Qualities

Thanks we have the proofs; we know much about the position cats had in the culture of ancient Egypt. Cats ended having mystic qualities, associated maybe with its sharp nocturnal vision.

They also became a valuable domestic possession, up to the point that when a cat of a family died, they all went into  mourning and the head of the family would shave its eyebrows in sign of grief.

If a fire affected an Egyptian house, the cat was the first to be saved. At a superior level of the scale were the roman cats and from the temples, over indulged in life and honored at death with mummification.

Feline Images
The art in ancient Egypt was full with cat images in mural paintings, palace decorations, bronze and wood statues of all sizes jewels and other artifacts. Some cats appear at domestic scenes; sitting at the feet of their owners, for example, or on the lap of a woman, or in the hunting grounds, where they seemed to be used by the hunters to make the birds come out and maybe to recover the pieces.

Many works of art are associated with the fertility and feminism goddess Bastet or pasht. The cult to bastet lasted about 1,500 years, time in which it was prohibited by law to do any harm to any cat due to the fear of offending the goddess.

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