Cat Nail Clipping

Cats differ from dogs because their nails don’t get worn out while walking. They retract to will, that way the well-educated cat always plays, but keeps its sharp nails hidden. Cats love to sharpen their claws. On tree trunks, house, leather tapestries, curtains or carpets. 

You must make them understand that even though for them it’s completely natural, it is not right. It will help if you use a strong tone of voice, throwing a newspaper or squirting it with a water pistol. Do not let your cat bully you. Life in community should and must provide happiness to both. 

To sharpen their nails, it is extraordinarily suitable a scratching table or trunk as you can find in a pets store. Such objects can be naturally made by us. You only have to cover a piece of wood with jute fabric or any other fabric. If a nail bothers a cat, then you can cut them without any problem but only the ones from the front legs. If you press their fingers with your thumb and forefinger, stretching at the same time, the curved nail will come out. With a nail clipper, you can cut up to approximately a third. If it starts bleeding, it’s because you cut more than what you were suppose to. It’s no big deal, but for them it will be, so continue cutting the other nails later. 

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