Cat Nutrition Mistakes and Infectious Diarrheas

nutrition Mistakes
Whenever there is diarrhea, think firstly about inadequate food. What nutrition changes have been given in the last days in? Have you changed the brand of the prepared food? The digestive system probably needs time to adapt. The following foods are laxative for some cats: cows milk (without boiling it), raw liver, and egg white. I don’t believe that cold food provoke diarrhea since cats eat in a very conscientious way and warm everything while chewing before swallowing anything. Sometimes cats have the most curious rejections, which turns out to be unpleasant since it’s about things that they taste and consume avidly. The most important step when dealing with diarrhea is thinking with the same intelligence as a cat: it will eat little or nothing. The best therapeutic action for the organism is to fast a day, or even better do it one more day.

It would be irrational to offer them constantly exquisite food, so they can eat. Offer to eat at first some oatmeal. You have to prepare it salty and accompanied with some broth or according to their caprices, which they have been used to, with an authentic meat soup. It is important to give them salt. You can prepare a big quantity of food and preserve it in the refrigerator. Offer small portions to eat and if it doesn’t like it, better because it will fast another day. 

Cats must always have fresh water. They loose a lot of liquid due to the diarrhea, which can be worrisome. If you see an improvement, you can start passing from pap food to normal food. Astringents are not trustworthy; they are only good to calm the owner. Potato starch or other similar products settle liquids and excrements are more solid. Medicines that regulate intestinal movement are effective. With them, you can reduce the duration of the disease and alleviate painful cramps. Your veterinarian can give you an appropriate preparation for them. 

Infectious diarrhea 
That is something a veterinarian has to check out. Antibiotics or some special sulfamides can save your cats life. You have to see a whole scale of possibilities when it comes to treatment for a serious infectious diarrhea. 

When a constant administration of infusions is needed during a long time, sometimes hospitalization is inevitable. 

Intestinal worms
Sometimes, diarrhea can provoke a strong infestation of intestinal worms. If we do a dreg examination, we will be able to discover without difficulty big eelworms or segments of tapeworms. treatment for intestinal infestation increases sometimes diarrhea, but quickly goes back to normal. Think about a second treatment again after two or three weeks in case of worm invasion. 

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