Cat Pad and Claw Injuries

Pad Injuries
Do you observe an evident wince when cats pose their leg? If so, you should do a careful inspection. Pad injuries tend to heal badly. A bandage for protection is advisable, but almost always is ripped off right away. That is why, in open wound cases, the best is to take them to the veterinarian.

If a clear reaction of pain takes place without any visible wounds, you have to consider that maybe it has a splinter. More than one lion or tiger have died of starvation because of insignificant things because they weren’t able to continue hunting. This needs a careful inspection with a lot of light and a magnifying glass. The extraction of the object needs to be done with tweezers, but it will not be simple. In case it gets too hard, then you will need the help of a veterinarian. 

Claw injuries
Rare in cats, but provokes an obvious lameness. You could cut the cloven or broken claw by quickly cutting. They will experience a brief pain followed by an innocuous hemorrhage. An unsteady attitude could suppose torture; in that case better leave it to a veterinarian. Unfortunately, loosing a claw sometimes happens. The only thing visible is a wound covered of scabs. It limps. It might have been fallen into a trap. This terrible wound heals surprisingly well, since cats know how to lick them. 

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