Cat Pedigree

Most of the cats in the world, be it loving animals of company or working animals as the farm cats, don’t have pedigree. Although to the eyes of a breeder or an exhibition judge they don’t present the best features of their race, they are equally precious.

Cats without Pedigree
As pets, they have the advantage that, having been fecundated in a natural way (that is spontaneously) and, almost with total security, to have some alley cat as ancestors, it is probably that they are healthy and strong, due that the weakest exemplars of their race don’t survive, according to the laws of nature.

They usually have a less strong character and are more adaptable than cats with pedigree; they look for less attention and are less noisy than some races with pedigree.

In the other hand, to have a cat without pedigree doesn’t mean that its master cannot enjoy feline exhibitions. Most of them include special categories for the denominate “domestic cats”, in which they reward the good health, the good character & the charm of the animal instead of fulfilling strict criterions.

The Alley Cat
Although it is difficult to make precise estimations, it has been said that more than 90% of the domestic cats in the industrial countries don’t have pedigree. This may seem surprising, in comparison with the scarce quantity of dogs that don’t have it. But you have to remember that they started breeding dogs for specific functions centuries ago, as the shepherd dogs, for hunting, races or for pets.

The interest of breeding cats goes back just a little more than a century. Before, a cat was just that a simple cat.

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