Cat Peritonitis and Feline Immunodeficiency

Cat Peritonitis
A virus provokes feline infectious peritonitis. It is produced by direct contact among cats. There are two commonly recognized syndromes associated with feline infectious peritonitis. One is a dry form and the other one classic. In the classic case, fluid accumulates in the abdomen and it can become quite distended. Diagnosis is confirmed through a blood exam or by ventral secretion. A preventive vaccine has been discovered, but the result is still to know.

Feline Immunodeficiency
This disease has received in non-professional publications the mistaken denomination AIDS and has been an object of false speculations. Feline immunodeficiency is transmitted primarily through deep, penetrating bite wounds. As the name indicates, cats suffer a weakening of their own corporal defenses. Therefore, they usually get sick with relative frequency due to trivial infections. So, an increase in tendencies to suffer infections makes you think of FIV; an exact diagnose can be done by a veterinarian through a special test.

Life expectancy of infected cats clearly diminishes and a preventive vaccine has not yet been elaborated.

Combined vaccine
Cats accept with displeasure when an injection is being administered. If several are applied in a short period, they react with notable bad humor. But what bothers them the most is being vigorous grabbed on to more than the proper injection. Now with modern capillary needles, they hurt less than a mosquito bite. There really isn’t any excuse now to say no to a necessary vaccine. Vaccine manufactures have elaborated combined substances that contain several preventive, fully effective components. So all there has to be done is grab on to it and pinch it once for every case. The following combinations are common:

  • Feline infectious enteritis + feline flu
  • Feline infectious enteritis + rabies.

An advice when it comes to vaccination: we should usually share pleasant and non-pleasant times, but when it comes to vaccinating it, an advice is for the owner to abstain. Take it to the veterinarian and let the people there be the ones that hold it. The reason is because it will feel betrayed and this way it will not show its anger towards you; on the contrary, once they are finished, you will be the one comforting it.

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