Cat Pet Enclosures

When I first got my cat “Purty” I already had an 8 year old spaniel. After a lot of work I was able to teach them to live comfortably together but I always had separate dog and cat pet enclosures. A couple of years ago “Balls” my spaniel reached the parting place that all living thincat housegs must at sometime arrive at. Recently I got another dog. Well at first I was worried that I would have to go through all of what I went through when first trying to teach Balls and Purty to get along. The fights that needed to be broken up. The treat stealing. The meowing and barking for attention. The vying for affection and time. The list was endless of all the things that had to be handled in a diplomatic way to ensure that both of my pets felt loved and cared for. I didn’t want one of them to feel that I had any favoritism toward the other etc… Feeding times were particularly difficult until I figured out that the best thing to do was to feed them at the same time but in their two completely different and separated pet enclosures. So when I first got my new dog “Fluffs” I was prepared for lots of work and pet diplomacy. Well I really had nothing to worry about. Purty to my new puppy under her wings and became a second mother to her. All of a sudden what I thought to be an impossibility had become a reality and I had two inseparable pets. Well I didn’t know how to react at first but what I did realize was that my separate dog and cat pet enclosures were no longer necessary. So I invested in a cat/dog duplex and enlarged the two enclosures into one single enclosure. Both Purty and Fluffs and happy as can be and I am so glad not to be playing referee again. Cat play house

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