Cat Play House

Considering that I am a cat lover and came from a family of cat lovers. I always considered that my style of building a cat play house and the accessories I chose to go inside were very good. All that changed when I saw my girlfriend’s cat play house. Now a girl’s cat house is something entirely different from a guy’s cat house. A girl’s cat play house is a work of art and a thing of beauty. Whereas a guy’s cat play house, I would have to say is more of a functional affair. I guess you could compare the difference between a girl’s room or house and a guy’s room or house. A woman just instinctively knows a thing or two about decorating that most guys don’t even dream about. Anyhow my girlfriend’s cat pcat houselay house made mine look like something a toddler had thrown together or what the Abominable Snowman had lived in before he met the Abominable Snowlady. Well you get the point.

After much internal struggle I decided to sallow my pride and ask my girlfriend for some obviously much needed pointers and tips. Oh no! Bad mistake! LOL! Well I got what I asked for. I no longer have a drab dull cat play house nor do I have that few hundred dollars which used to be in my savings account. But I think that the change is better for me and for my cat. Though it is hard for me to admit I am very happy for the changes, which have been made, and I think that my cat is even happier than I. So never let it be said that men can’t learn anything useful from women. If you have a cat play house in need of help why not try and ask someone of the opposite sex you just might be pleasantly surprised. Building cat house

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