Cat Pregnancy, Hydrops and Piometra

When you see your cats belly all round, the first thing you think is that it can be pregnant. Cats usually generally stay slim and you can only see the belly grows. Even though pregnancy is obvious, in quiet moments they demonstrate attachment. Someone with skillful hands touching the belly will be able to feel the kittens inside. This is the ideal moment for castration if you do not wish for any descent, which consist of total extirpation of the uterus, along with ovaries. Veterinarians are always prepared for any complications and have experience for anything that can happen. 

Usually old cats manage to acquire an enormous corporal perimeter. When you see them sitting down on a chair or couch, you see them all spread out. Mistakenly one can think it’s obesity, however the body is rather thin and what is terribly enlarged is the contour of the belly. If you squeeze with both hands, you will be able to feel the displacement of the fluid. This is some rare disease called hydrops. It is usually some chronic pathological condition of the liver that has to be taken seriously. When fluid is released, the belly deflates, but it is only a short-term remedy. The only cure consists in an intensive treatment of the subjacent illness, but not much hope can be given. 

It is also possible that another disease can be presented in a distinctive way, provoking also repletion of liquids in the abdominal area. Nevertheless, the thoracic cavity can also get filled with water. This is an infectious peritonitis. In those cases, cats have oscillating fever in a process almost always chronically; they lose appetite and slim down. There is no specific treatment and no cure has been observed. 

Female cats suffer less than female dogs from the terrible chronic inflammation of the womb. The full of puss content of the uterus flows in some cases across the vagina towards the exterior. You will notice because you will see cats lick it. Sometimes they will throw up and you will be surprised to see how thirsty they are. They loose weight to the point where you can tell the gravity of the disease. 

If the exit to the uterus is closed, pus stagnates in the womb. Only then, the contour of the abdomen increases. treatment consists of total extirpation of the sick womb together with the ovaries. There are big possibilities of complete healing. Once done with the operation, cats show good health again. An intervention on time is important. If their general condition gets worse, fewer the possibilities. A simple suspicion justifies a visit to the doctor. 

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