Cat Reproduction - Female or Male?

For an authentic cat, it becomes obvious choosing a future owner with suitable housing. Nevertheless, appearances can be deceptive sometimes. Maybe you found your cat somewhere curled up, soaked and freezing. And thanks to your cares, it has become a beautiful cat delighted to stay at your house. In such case, was it your choice for it to stay? Not sure, but the animal saw your good will, found a tolerable home and found you; after some efforts of trying to educate it. If things hadn’t worked out, it would have left again in search for a more suitable home. An owner of a dog accepts this one tolerantly with all their advantages and disadvantages. Cats adopt the same attitude as their so-called owners. So you have every right to feel proud for having a cat. 

To be informed, you should know if you have a female or male at home. Sex determination is not a problem in adult cats: testicles are more than evident besides the fact that males are bigger in size and have a thicker head. However, in young cats we must observe closely. Some people see how cats urinate. Female cats direct it backwards; male cats it doesn’t work. The penis points backwards, a curious configuration, and therefore also urination. Place it on your lap and turn it around as if you were playing. Below the tail you find the anus. Close together toward the abdomen, appears a sunken spot.  Carefully separate the skin; a crack meaning a long line means it’s female; a hole where you can probably see the pink cone of the penis, it’s male. 

Both sexes can be inspected. Let’s suppose now that you have to choose a precious kitten from a litter. What sex to choose; male or female? Here’s a practical suggestion. Sooner or later, you will have to castrate either one or you will have to disable when they are in heat with medicine. Nowadays, it is no problem. With a male cat, things are simpler and cheaper than with a female cat. Female cats are always more delicate than males. However, it’s something that can be controlled in cats when choosing the moment to be sterilized; the sooner it’s done, more feminine and sensitive the kitten will be. Males feel more attracted to females and females more attracted to males. This rule is valid, but it doesn’t mean we have to stick by it. Exceptions are many and sterilization blurs sexual profiles. Therefore, in case of doubt, follow your own taste and choose that charming kitten you liked.

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