Cat's in Main Roles

Cats of meat and bones have also been part of some films, although only in small roles. A white Persian has an evil role in the film of James Bond diamonds are forever, and in breakfast with diamond Audrey Hepburn shares her apartment with a “cat without name”.

In the third man, a cat also has a main role in the Vienna of Death. The military police and an old friend, interpreted by Joseph Cotton are looking for him. The cat of his girlfriend, who escapes from the floor and goes toward him in the obscure Viennese night, will denounce him.

In the same way that cats usually get to the screen in form of animated pictures, in the scenes of theaters it is people dresses as felines. (Cats that run backstage are another question. There exist many real versions about Gus, the cat of the theatre, of T.S. Eliot, as Ambrose, the cat of the London theatre of Drury lane).

The cat with boots of dick Whittington was popularize at the end of the XIX Century, as a traditional character in Christmas theater plays in Great Britain, where is still popular.

Theatre Cats
Until the decade of 1970, the most famous cats representations on theatres was probably Tchaikovski’s Ballet the Sleeping Beauty, based on the children stories by Charles Perrault and inaugurated in Saint Petersburg in 189.

Among his characters there is the cat with boots and the white kitty. The white kitty enters with the nuptial court, sitting on a cushion and embellishing her. The cat with boots is captivated, and begins to court her with a pas de deux in one of the highest moments of the ballet.

Tchaikovski chose the oboe for imitating the voices of the cats. The Sleeping Beauty was a failure to the critics at its opening, but after the death of Tchaikovski, in 1893, it was recognized as a masterpiece and had a great influence in the ballet of the XX Century.

The cats or, the actors dressed as cats, have appeared even at operas. In 1925, Ravel wrote a brief opera of one act. A brilliantly orchestrated and realistic piece where the boy and the sortileges that includes a duet of cats But without any doubts, the greatest feline triumph at the theatre scenes has been the musical cats, based on the masterpiece of T.S. Eliot.

The book the skillful cats of old possum, with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The inauguration took place in London in 1981, had an excellent reception in the United States, and has been represented throughout the word with a great success for the public.

In London was on the Billboard uninterrupted during 21 years.

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