Cat Species Expansion

The evolution process described started before the continents where separated as they are actually. The masses of land that would give place to the continents of the South (South America, Antarctica, and Australia) had begun to separate from the north masses that now are North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

When the first species of cats develop, they extended quickly through the northern mass, crossing from Asia to North America (As the first settlers did) through the 

“Bridge of Land” that now is the “Strait of Bering”.

There are fossil rests that prove that several types of cats, big and small, crosses this bridge in prehistoric times, although the only modern specie that inhabits Asia and North America is the Lynx, on the other hand, Antarctica and Australasian where to isolated for any specie to get there, and in Australia the evolution continued a dissenting course with the development of the marsupials as are the kangaroo and the wallaby. Actually, the only cats from Australia or New Zealand that exist descend from felines introduced by the settlers.

So, when the first humans were beginning to develop in Asia and Africa, they’re where already several types of cats establish on the landmass of the north.

Without any doubt, bigger cats found they prey in human settlements. For the smaller species, the rests of meat from the human hunters resulted as a complement to its useful diet and was easy to obtain.

But, while the Homo Sapiens carried a nomad style of life, dedicated to the hunting and recollection, and after to the caring of herds of goats, its contact with the cats family must have been occasional and accidental.

The long relation between cats and humans didn’t begin until these last started to settle and to plow the land.

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