Cat Sterilization

This operation is technically less complicated than castration. After this intervention, cats can’t get pregnant. This method is done by means of bind or extirpation of the ovary conducts, leaving in the body the ovaries. Animals preserve a full sexual activity. Much sterilization has been done, but this practice does not give good results. In effect, there’s the impression of sterilized cats that give in to sexual activity with special frenzy. Heat periods pass by very quickly, with continuous and stupid loving finicalities, which drives us crazy little by little, but safely. Besides, there are other aspects like chasing cats, which is dangerous. Cars and hunters threaten their life, not to speak of cats humming in the backyard. There’s people that after want to extirpate the ovaries; which then intervention is technically more difficult, risky and more expensive. 

The main argument against sterilization is the high risk of a chronic inflammation of the womb that is why many veterinarians don’t practice it anymore or only do it with the express desire of the owner.  Sterilization has become a little inappropriate. The health risk is too high. In any case, it could be done to cats that live in semi liberty and are not well taken care of, with the finality of avoiding procreation.

Some recommendations for heat inhibition
Taking hormonal pills for heat inhibition should get started at an early age, around 6 months, precisely when it still lives isolated from other cats. The same goes for adult cats that arrive to our home. You can administer pills for the rest of their lives, but if it’s too bothersome or suppose it’s too much of an expense; then have your cat castrated. It will continue to be the same; it was neutrally sexual anyway. If you see that it has changed in an unfavorable way, then stop giving it to them and observe. 

 Unwanted copulation
Our cat is in heat, but it behaves pretty well, so we let down our guard. Suddenly, it disappears and doesn’t come back for hours, slightly disturbed. Possibilities of observing cats mate are low. The owner has to go by suspicion. Nothing else can be said with accuracy until you notice a calm behavior and her belly starts getting round. 

In case of a dog, if it has an unwanted pregnancy, a veterinarian can make disappear that unwanted blessing. However, dealing with cats, that possibility is merely theoretical, since side effects are not acceptable in this practice. There is only one solution; have your cat castrated. In the operation, great portion of the womb will be extirpated, so it has no chance of getting pregnant. In worst of cases, an operation can be done with an advanced pregnancy. In such cases, the operation is done carefully, but it doesn’t implicate any technical problem. It’s not nice, but it’s better than eliminating newborn kittens. Cats don’t have any maternal feeling during and after castration; therefore it doesn’t miss anything. 

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