Cat Tapeworm

It is not always easy to verify the presence of tapeworms. Sometimes, cats vomit portions from 10 to 30 cm of length. Naturally, this calls our attention. In feces, however, loose segments full of eggs usually are seen. Their aspect is that of a reddish or whitish limacos. Very often they move on the surface of the deposition. Numerous kinds of tapeworms exist. All of the ones that appear in cats need an intermediary host for their development. Adult tapeworms live in intestines, where it feeds of the best components of food. Thereby, it debilitates the host, who looses weight in spite of receiving good nutrition. If the food supply is not sufficient, a health crisis can be produced. New segments are constantly growing from the tapeworm’s head. At first, they are masculine and fertilize the sexual partner of his own body. After, it transforms in female segments, they are fertilize at the same time and finally release mature eggs. They are expelled in shapes of egg packages, land in the exterior world together with dregs and don’t take too much time for them to die. Eggs have to be received by a concrete intermediate host. In case of feline tapeworm, the small host would be a small rodent, for example a mouse. If a cat hunts one down, the circle closes and the life cycle begins again. 

Dog tapeworms also appear in cats; dog tapeworms are passed in the feces and eaten by the larvae of fleas or biting lice. A parasitic larva is released from the egg and develops into a solid-body form (cysticercoids) in the flea or louse. Former preparations disturb the idyll of tapeworms provoking strong intestinal convulsions. They were just drastic laxatives. Parasites were expelled, preferably with the head, as a result of cramps. The method was not very safe and there were always some risks for cats.


Modern anti parasites don’t have that kind of side effects and are considerably more credible. There is no reason why not to think a cat can’t shelter another parasite besides tapeworms. It is advisable to use anti parasites of wide spectrum. For economical reasons and due to nematodes, it is possible to continue also in these cases, after two to three weeks, with a subsequent treatment with a specific medicine especially for eelworms. We also have to mention the fact that in very rare cases, cats can lodge a kind of tapeworm that can be mortal to humans. They are little minuscule animals that provoke pathological symptoms in cats. Their intermediate hosts are shrews. Because of it, the only cats that can be affected by it are the ones that have the possibility to go hunting outdoors. Observing the feces does not provide any certainty, since segments decompose quickly and the eggs are not perceptible to simple sight. If they eat parasite eggs by mistake from the feces of cats, the fearsome disease of cisticercosis develops in persons. 

In case there is any suspicion, only an analysis of feces by a veterinarian will do. treatment must be performed by a doctor due to the importance of parasites to humans. I believe it is best just to go to a veterinarian regarding what tapeworm infestation it is since not all preparation are equally effective for all kinds of platyhelminths. That is why; it is better for an expert to recommend what medication is best in specific cases, after determining what kind of species it is. Otherwise, treatment success will be insufficient. 

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