Cat Training and Vaccines

While the cat gives all her time in feeding its whelps, she keeps on stimulating them to make their needs and cleaning them after, and she might even start pushing them softly towards the sand tray so they will learn to use it.

The most experimented cats, not so the novices, sometimes teach their whelps on these needs, but once the weaning process begins, they loose interest, for which is the owner who must teach them.

At this moment, it is important for the sand tray to be clean and for the sand to be changed after each use.

As soon as the whelps are completely weaned, they are ready to receive their first vaccinations, and it is the veterinary that will in this sense orientate you best. The important thing is to vaccinate them before they have any contact with other cats that aren’t their mother or brothers.

During the sucking stage, vaccines given to the mother protect the whelps due that the substances are transferred through the mother’s milk, but have in mind that the effect doesn’t last much.

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