Cat Urinating Protest and Uncleanliness

You are wondering what happened to you cat which use to be clean and all of a sudden, it starts leaving urine or excrement all over the house, including next to the litter box. Even if it has been castrated, it urinates all over the furniture. With this kind of behavior, first you have to check if it’s not cystitis, bladder stones or any other corporal disease. If you are not sure, then have a veterinarian check it out. If everything seems to be good and can’t find anything, then you are dealing with a mental alteration. With this behavior, although not justified, your cat is trying to tell you that there is something that dislikes him terribly. Here are some suggestions on what could be, but let the animal figure it out by itself. Maybe a new member of the family (baby, guest), new furniture, freedom restriction to move around the house, a dog, change of place where it sleeps.  

First try a soft method. Use your cleverness and patience against your cat. Don’t pay any attention to the improper behavior and clean after any mess it makes. Over that spot, place a drop of cologne making this sickening to cats. It will meow, so offer some food and give some affection. This kind of conduct will confuse persons same as cats. There are hopes of normalization, since filthiness does not go with cats. 

If this doesn’t work, don’t expect to for me to suggest ferocious methods as throwing shoes or smear their snout in excrement. This doesn’t really make sense to me. Sedatives are always of short effect. In any case you could administer throughout the day in very small doses, along with the food. My advice is a hormonal treatment. You could use the same preparation that is used for cats in heat. Amazingly it makes cats behave well. If you still haven’t done it, it’s better if you castrate your cat as soon as possible. The problem is often eliminated using this method. 

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