Cat Vomiting, Gastritis and Infections

Circumstantial vomit is relatively frequent in cats and in other piscivorous animals, and in general, it is not dangerous. It simply means that the body does not accept ingested food; therefore it is expelled again. One must not prevent this logical process without a special reason. 

Vomit, as in diarrhea, is not a real disease, but a sign of some corporal imbalance. In the simplest case, the problem can be solved by itself. The disturbing factor is expelled out and cats feel again satisfied. It is easy to distinguish vomit, which is a concomitant effect of serious affections. In such case, patients present a seriously sick aspect, a turbid look and since it is an infection, increase the corporal temperature. 

It is unthinkable that it wants to play. When they toss viscous substances or foam together with blood; the situation is worrying. Don’t loose hope, gather freely the vomit in a plastic, grab the vaccine certificate and take your cat to a veterinarian. In these cases, one can’t loose time with home remedies, good intentioned, but slightly effective. Depending on the vomit, the physician will be able to tell the first conclusion relating to an underlying disease, and the certificate of vaccination will tell if it is an infectious feline enteritis, something always frightening. 

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