Cats in Movies and Theater

There hasn’t existed an equivalent feline of Rin-Tin-tin, Lassie or other canine heroes in the screen.

And also there will probably never be, for the simple fact that cats don’t like to be submitted to the necessary training needed for acting.

However, their movements are perfect for the animators and thus the most famous cats on screens are those in the cartoons.

Cartoon Cats
The first cat in cartoons appeared in the decade of 1920 in Felix the cat, although maybe the most famous is Tom, from Tom & Jerry, the creation of the north American William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Hannah and Barbera met the animated studies of MGM, in Hollywood in 1937. In 1939 they produced Puss gets the boat, characterized by a cat and a mouse. Tom and Jerry had just been born, main characters of more than 200 films.The critics have seen tints of cruelty and sadism in Tom and Jerry, and certainly you can’t look for a faithful portrait in the cats in these cartoons, that have entertained innocently several generations of children.

You can’t say the same about Fritz the cat, qualified as “x” in the 60’s. Another animated cat of this period was the protagonist of the cat that hated people (1948), it’s about a cat of New York that is tired of the noise of the city and travels to the moon looking for tranquility, but it results that in the moon where is even more noise and returns happily to earth.

Walt Disney
Walt Disney also contributed to the appearance of cats in films. The film the incredible journey (1963) tells the story of a bull terrier, a retriever and a Siamese cat, named Tao, that travel 400 kilometers through Canada to get reunited with their owners.

The cat that came from space, inaugurated in 1978, tells about the adventures of a mysterious and intelligent cat whose space ship has been damaged, which makes him land on earth.

But probably, the Disney feline adventure most known is that of the aristocrats of 1970. Duchess and her kittens, Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz, confront the wicked butler of their owner. The butler has heard that the lady has made her will in favor of the cats, and he decides to get rid of them in the hope of getting this fortune. But the duchess and her family, helped by Thomas O’Malley, a good-hearted alley cat, and other animals, frustrated his plans.

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