Cats in the XX Century

The history of cats has always been intimately binded to that of humans. However, the attitude of men towards cats has been changing remarkably along the centuries, from the worshipping of the ancient Egyptians, going through the persecutions in Europe in the middle age and afterwards for the exploitation of their ability as rodent hunters, until reaching the status they now have because of its independent character and sometimes elusive, the cat has never obtained the qualification of “Man’s best friend”, but at the end of the XX Century he took the place of dogs as the most popular pets in many countries. For practical reasons, it’s easy to understand why.

Popular Pets
Now days, most of the families complain for the lack of time. The life rhythm of today makes it having a pet be more like having one more obligation than being a positive experience.

So much as in the case of married couple in which both of them work as with bachelor parents, a pet that can be left alone at home everyday all day or that can come and go as they wish has its advantages over those you have to take out on walks once or twice a day. Also, houses now tend to be smaller, and cats can live comfortably even in small apartment.

It is also true that in families with children, cats are perceived as “more secure” pets.

Unfortunately for dogs, the public opinion has recently gone against the. Horrible stories about dogs attacking the children of their owners, sanitary alerts due too infections through the faeces of dogs and municipal laws that obligates tying the dogs when going out and to have of cats, more peaceful, clean and independent and a preferable alternative.

The affection for pets is so big that sometimes in case of divorce and separation of the couple, cats as is  with children, are object of discordance. It’s an expansion phenomenon, overall in the United States.

Couples in crisis refuse to renounce for their pets and have no doubts in fighting for their custody before the courts. However, cat as children, suffer greatly with this ordeal.

Cats are very devoted to its surroundings, for which to many changes of residences can provoke on the animal serious behavior and anxiety problems. They even stop eating and isolate themselves in a corner.

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