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ituations from which they can’t get out of makes them have a tendency to suffer all kinds of accidents.

Car Accidents: The most common cause of accidents for cats that usually are outside from their house is the traffic. Although surprising on how alert some of them turn out to be, many are those who die or get severely injured on the roads each year. They are not even safe on the country, where traffic is less dense, but they are not used to cars so it’s easier for them to be surprised without allowing them to react. As they get older, they loose a great part of their hearing sharpness, reason why they stop being as agile as they used to or as sharp in calculating velocities and distances, which makes old cats more vulnerable creatures to traffic.

Most of the cats implied in traffic accidents are, by comparison, automatically sacrificed.

The priority of any people that finds an injured cat is to take him carefully to a safe place and to try not to move him very much.

The next step is to call the veterinary. In emergency cases, get in touch with the organization for animal protection or with the police. Apart  from that, the only thing any person in this kind of situation is to make the animal comfortable and warm. Find a cardboard box or any other type of object that is adequate for transporting the animal and take the animal to the veterinary.

Remember that injured cats tend to be always awake and to move, as an answer to its natural instinct of escaping to hide, so try to calm them carefully.

Remember  also to take note of the name and address on its identification plate for informing the owners later on.

Although at first sight it may seem that the cat only has superficial injuries, you must always take him to the veterinary to be examined and adequate measures be taken, because it might happen for example, that the cat might have an internal hemorrhage.

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