Cats Water Bowl

Always make sure that your cat has fresh water to drink. If it drinks regularly its kidneys will stay healthy and it will help it to avoid the risk of getting Feline Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). More than eighty percent of canned foods contain water and will supply it with the most part its daily needs. In case a cat receives a dry diet, is older, has kidney problems and stays in the house all day, it will need a lot more water. It’s common for cats to ignore their bowl of water and drink from a puddle of water from the yard. Others seem to enjoy licking faucets that drip water, or toilets. Serve the water in a large bowl, preferably of ceramic. Cats are sensitive to water chemicals from the faucet, so let it sit for a while before serving it.

Cats will occasionally chew on grass, it is most probably a way to obtain water and vitamins. Grass also causes a natural vomit which helps the cat eliminate hair balls from its stomach. For cats that don’t have much access to grass, there are pet stores that sell packages of grass seeds that, if put next to an open window, will reproduce. Having this will make them stop chewing on the house plants, some of which are poisonous for cats.

How Much? How Often?
Your cat’s dietary needs may vary according to the age, health, temper and the amount of activity it receives. Follow the instructions on the can or package, but be flexible.

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