Cedar Cat House With Platform System and Loft

cat housesThe one sure thing in life we all know is that, “Cats love RED Cedar Wood.” Our 17” Outside Cedar Cat house with its attached Platform System and Loft has taken this penchant for wood and made a masterpiece out of it. When you were a child and thought about your dream house you probably never imagined that you could also one day have your very own dream house for your cat. Well our cat house is just that. We have brought the dream cathouse into reality. With cedar wood, state of the art design, careful planning and construction with the best of materials, like predrilled wood panels and parts for easy assembly and galvanized nails and screws to prevent rusting, and a desire to see your cat happy, our 17” Outside Cedar Cat house is something your cat whether big or small, young or old will be proud to call home. Not only does this beauty have a 16” high platform with both a front deck measuring 21”W x 8”D and a rear deck with a nice size of 21”W x 4 ½ ”D but it also comes with a overhead loft that has a spacious 21”W x 31”D.

Prices and Models

 Not only is our Cedar Wooden Cat house excellent for outdoor use as with its Vinyl Flap Protector to keep out rain, wind or snow your cat will be safe warm and dry where ever it is.
The 17” Outside Cedar Cat house also comes with cutting edge Thermal-Ply Radiant Barrier insulation (optional) and the closed cell, ergonomic cat mat (optional) with which your cat is assured not only wonderfully warm winters and a sublimely cool summers but also parasite free dreams. With free shipping within the United States of America you don’t have to worry about any surprise costs.

Both the platform and loft come completely assembled. Simply insert legs into platform, insert screws, set in the small cedar cat house and attach the loft on top (40" above ground).

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