Choosing a Cat

After making the decision and being sure you have enough time to care for a cat, you must find the right type and breed for you and your family.

Cat or Kitten?
Kittens are adorable, fun and entertaining. You will be pleased to take care of it and see it grow. But the question is, will the kitten get used to your way of life? Do you have the time and energy to tolerate this bundle of energetic fun, while it climbs on curtains and ruins your delicate plants? Is your home empty during most part of the day? Remember that a kitten needs a lot of attention and it will get bored and feel lonesome if it is left alone too long. It may become naughty or hurt itself. It also needs to be fed several times a day. Do you have any children? Even though older children may have a good bond with the kittens, younger children might need to be constantly supervised; the combination of rowdy kids and tiny kittens may be a formula for disaster.

 A grown up cat may be a better choice if you have to work outside of your house during most of the day. Older cats are more serene and loving than kittens and even if you have the time to play with it, it will remain active and playful until it has reached its adulthood. You’ll have to teach your children to respect animals (a cat will defend itself with its teeth and claws if it is squeezed or thrown around by its tail), but a grown up cat knows better and will distance itself and stay away from danger.

Male or Female?
Regarding temper and behavior, there is no difference in males and females, as long as they’re castrated. Both sexes are equally kind and gentle pets.

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