Cleanliness of the Cat

There are several marks of lotions for the tidiness of cats at the pet shops. Usually you have to put a few drops in a small absorbing bolster and to distribute methodically the lotion from the shoulders to the tail, avoiding the head. When finished, rub smoothly with a dry cloth.

In cats with long hair you have to avoid cutting the entanglements when getting near to the date of exhibition.

In most of the countries, the judges would valuate negatively a cat with trimmed hair, although some associations in the United States do admit in their exhibitions cats with trimmed hair, in Great Britain they would be disqualified.

The days before the exhibition begin to prepare the accessories that you will need to take with you. Be sure that the traveling cage is clean, disinfected and there are clean blankets.

You will need two or three blankets: one to cover the exhibition cage and the other in reserve for any emergency or accident.

Generally there doesn’t exist concrete norms, but in Great Britain they have to be white. Always consult with the exhibition norms and, in case of doubt, get in contact with the organizers of the event.

You will also have to take bowls for food and water, as the sand tray. These accessories can be of the same design and color of the blankets and other ornaments in the cage, except in Great Britain, where they also must be white. At the exhibition you may buy food for the cat and sand,

Although it is always advisable to take products of the same brand to which the animal is used to. Many participants even take with them provisional of water, because sometimes cats don’t like to drink water from an unknown source. You may also take with you some treats your cat likes, as plastic bags to deposit the used sand and other residues.

IN winter it is a good idea to take a small receptacle for hot water, which you can put between the blankets, include in your baggage a pair of toys.

In countries in which cats are evaluated on the judging  area, you can also take color curtains, cushions and other adornments for decorating the cage, due that the animal won’t be evaluate in it.

Prepare everything with anticipation to avoid rushes at the last moment.

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