Defense Against Cats

Sounds weird, but if you don’t allow cats to enter your house, your cat wont have descendants. It is not an easy thing to avoid. Wait until cats come up to your house. Cats learn to open and close doors and besides, you wouldn’t want to leave everything closed for fourteen days. In pet stores you can find some granulated to scatter around different areas, which is used to scare away cats and dogs. Rigorous confinement has another significant aspect for protecting animals. I consider cruel letting cats abandoned their strong instincts. Rigorous confinement of a healthy animal is a sure method, undoubtedly, but very cruel avoiding procreation.  Besides, the unforeseeable sexual cycle of cats does not allow us to limit the confinement to periods of heat. This is an important difference regarding dogs.  

Temporary postponement of heat
Lets suppose you have to leave your cat at a friend’s house that has a cat that has not been castrated or you wish to travel with your cat or have some activity and just then your cat is in heat, which makes you think you can forget about any plan you had.

Don’t worry; the veterinarian will give you some hormonal pills for your cat to take. The loving fury will reduce quickly after having administered the pill as indicated. This method influences rather favorably to posterior discipline, so there is nothing to object. 

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