Distinctive Cat Names

From a practical point of view, if you are going to let your cat go out of the house, you will need a distinctive name that you can yell without being ashamed in case your neighbors hear you.

If you have two cats, their names should sound different. Apart from these considerations, there doesn’t exist any limits at the time of putting a name to a cat, you just need some inspiration, with the advantage that, with difference to what occurs with many children, cats won’t be shame of their names when they get older. Of course, the own cat can serve as inspiration.

A London family called their cat boggles, like the ace of aviation created by captain W.E. Johns, because of the cats habit of flying on to anyone who would dare to sit on its favorite seat.

In France, the owners of a mischievous kitten named him non-non, because that is what they were always telling him.

Another cat was called Vicar because of the black and white hair on is neck.

Common Names
For last, there is the option of the traditional names for cats. As with the names of children many are put because of the actual fashion, although some are from always as are tiger, Misi, snow Flake or Fuzz. However, these typical names are not for people that like to run risks and that consider that their deserve an special distinction.

In this last category we might include the English philosopher of the XIX Century Jeremy Bentham, who gave his cat the original name of Langbourne, as recognition to its good behavior. He granted to his cat the title of Sir John Langbourne. Afterwards, he took the sacred orders and became the reverend sir John Langbourne, doctor in theology.

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