Doghouse - Cathouse Condo

If you are looking for ancat dog house ideal set up for the canine and feline members of your household then this Doghouse – Cathouse Duplex is just what you need. Our skilled craftsmen understand the special needs of both your dog and cat and as such have created what we believe is the dog/cat house duplex to end all duplex debate. With a comfortable 40”W x 20”L x 30”H both your pets will not need to feel claustrophobic. The dog’s side is 23”W x 20”L x 28”H which means that your pooch has about 15% more room than in a normal duplex. Not to be left out your cat’s side measures 17”W x 20”L x 24”H and is itself about 15% larger than the living space in an average 17” cat house. The Doghouse – Cathouse Duplex comes with galvanized nails and screws to stop corrosion if you choose to keep it outside, although this classy cat/dog duplex looks just as good outside in your yard as inside your house. With on request cutting edge Thermal-Ply Radiant Barrier internal insulation that provides a 60% winter benefit. An ergonomically correct pet mat that not only offers lateral support (crucial for the senior pet) but also incorporates closed cell parasite resistant technology. And for the conscientious pet lover in all of us we also offer the Super Cat/Dog house Air Conditioner/Heater (only one is necessary) to provided the needed heating for your pets on those cold winter days or the cooling needed on those hot summer days. The easy to assemble Doghouse – Cathouse Duplex comes with a Vinyl Flap Protector covering both your dog’s 8” door and your cats 6” roun


d door so that you will not have to worry about rain, wind or even snow. 

As in all of our duplexes, one PetCool Heat/AC unit will be all that is necessary for this 20" Small Doghouse - 17" Cathouse Duplex.

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