Eczemas and Skin Inflammations

Veterinarians prefer a broken bone, dangerous infections or tumors rather than skin diseases that seem simple at first sight. Diagnosis is very difficult even to the specialist. 

That is why; when cats have skin problems and there is certainty that there are no parasites, an advice would be take it to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Do not apply any ointments without a prescription. It can lick it off causing serious intoxications. A good way of helping it is to brush the hair regularly and if the case comes, delouse the hair. Do not bathe it. Varied nourishment is beneficial, but reduced. Observe carefully if it has any allergic reaction to anything in their environment like plastic toys, wax, and insect aerosol….

Also, taking parasites away can help, since intestinal parasites debilitate the capacity of defense of the organism, with the corresponding manifestation of hair. It is necessary to try. Don’t be disappointed if the veterinarian tries different methods. Sometimes the mystery can be resolved after finding some parasite after a precise search.

Hair loss is an indication of a skin infestation due to fungus. It is a dangerous disease, since it can be easily transmitted to humans. 

Shine less hair
Do you feed your cat-varied food and brush its hair regularly, and however, its hair has no shine. Ask a breeder for some information; it could be a peculiarity of the breed. On the other hand, are they really well? Presence of other cats that compete for some affection with their caretaker clearly troubles a sensitive cat, with consequent manifestations in the hair. Check his nourishment. Is the proportion of fats high enough, so importantly in cats for its vitamins? If some deficiencies exist, animal stores offer oily creams with good absorption. If there were any doubt, an advice would be small amounts instead of an overflowing plate.

First of all, I’m against all products of external application, as aerosols or hair dye. They are not helpful, just a mere cosmetic coverage. The ones prepared as internal applications turn out to work much better. They are usually assimilated much better and at the same time is a good sweet.

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