Embryos and toxoplasmosis

If women with negative results in a toxoplasmosis analysis are contagious for the first time during pregnancy, toxoplasmas pass to the fetus approximately in 50 % of cases, depending in what state the pregnancy is in. If treatment is not applied, transmission to the fetus will be up to 15% during the first trimester, 45% during the second trimester and up to 68% during the last trimester. The situation will aggravate only and if there is no treatment

What happens to the embryos, if it results to be infected, which thankfully only occurs in few occasions? There are a lot of false opinions, but the truth is:

  • Toxoplasmosis don’t cause malformations.
  • Toxoplasmosis rarely provoke an abortion.

This only happens if the placenta is too damaged by the pathogenic agents. The infection of the fetus is always the only incident, after the mother stays immunized. Nevertheless, toxoplasmosis is not innocuous for the future child and must be prevented by all means. In fact, some damages can persist in the brain and retina, although embryos overcome almost always the affection quickly before being born. These damages manifest cunningly afterwards, during childhood, as intellectual deficiencies and/or spasmodic attacks and/or vision disorders. 

However, if applied correctly everything we have mentioned under ‘pregnant women and toxoplasmosis’, damages can be prevented. Do not get rid of the cat in a thoughtless way, this does not solve the dangers of toxoplasmosis since oocysts are found almost everywhere and not even mentioning cysts found in food.

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