European Shorthair Cat, Breed Consolidation

The British “father” of the feline discipline, Harrison Weir, was practically the only one responsible of elevating the humble domestic cat of the British Isles to the category of an acknowledged race.

When he organized the first feline exhibition in 1871, the European cat occupied a place of honor, as in successive events and in its famous book of our cats, published in 1892.

Weir, a fervent defendant of the feline welfare, had the hope that when outstanding the qualities of this race he would convince the owners of the less appreciated short haired cats to take better care of them. Quoting his words “when a domestic cat sits by a chimney he acquires in the eyes of its owner an unknown beauty and attractiveness, that until then had not been observed due to the lack of cultivation.

Weir quit the presidency of the national cat club, association founded by him, after he discovered that its members didn’t care enough for the cats welfare as they did for the competitive spirit, but in that epoch the first standards of the European cat had been defined and had elevated this race to the first levels, of the feline environment. After all, in those times it was the only race they counted with a numerous population in the United Kingdom.

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