Eye Diseases - Cat Conjunctivitis

In case of conjunctivitis, the eye appears veiled. The conjunctiva can become quite reddened and swollen in some cats, and often it is just in one eye and not in both. The conjunctiva is reddened and sometimes swollen or thickened. 

It is an infection provoked by exposure to currents, by foreign bodies or injuries. Not having a fever, a general infection remains excluded. If the animal has appeared at our house, as a stranger with tearful eyes, but for the rest looks high-spirited, I would dare to say it is just a badly cured cold. Must be treated like a normal conjunctivitis and besides you will have to pamper it a lot. 

These loving and discreet caresses are the most effective remedy for cats. It is necessary to eliminate carefully any scabs and rheum with the help of a chamomile tea infusion. Impregnate a clean cloth; do not use cotton, inside the infusion. Then rinse the eyes carefully, never forget how sensitive is the eye and must always try not to touch it. The procedure works perfectly since the animal closes the eyes in a natural way. Now comes the time for the great temptation, in our homes we can find ointments or eye drops, but the question is, can we use them? The answer is no. Cats can’t stand ointments, and others are not appropriate for any class of conjunctivitis. Ocular preparations that are bought with a recipe, almost always called by ocular tonics, help in simple cases, but not where there is a purulent infection. I would wait two days at the most and clean the eyes no more than two times a day. If you can see an improvement, then there has been luck. If not, it has to be examined by a professional so it can prescribe an adequate preparation. You have described the way of applying it, but let you veterinarian explain it once more.

It also a good idea to light a candle where it sleeps or rests, even though some family members might think it’s a pagan ritual. This way you can verify if there exist any draughts. If there is, then we know what is the cause of origin of the cats’ conjunctivitis. The remedy will be closing all windows and doors or, find a place that has no draughts. Wicker baskets do not work for these cases. After a correct treatment, passed one week, you should have forgotten conjunctivitis by then. More time will pass by if it’s an inflammation provoked by a chronic flu. In such cases, the affection returns and presents itself over and over again during weeks or months. 

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