The feline associations ate part of an international movement with followers in almost all the develop countries, although the geographical distances and the restrictions due to quarantines of many countries limit the international exhibitions.

However, many national feline associations maintain contact with other entities, especially with respect to the acknowledgment of breeds and the editing of race standards.

International Movement
Under the sponsorship of this international network, the breeders can import and export animals with pedigree, a resource specially useful when infectious diseases or other factors affect determine races of a country, something that happens sometimes, or when the breeders wish to establish a breed in a country in which it isn’t acknowledge.

Each association has its own view of the definition and acknowledgment of the races, partly justified by the different national preferences and in part due to the availability of animals.

There is a general principle according to which, to recognize a breed, there must be enough individuals, usually one hundred, to create a genetic heap, to avoid ant excessive consanguinity.

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