Feline Associations in Asia and Africa

In Asia the relation with cats comes from long ago and actually there exists clubs in several Asian countries, from china to Singapore or Malaysia, but especially in Japan.

The feline associations of the United States and those of Japan have force strong bonds.

The CFA, ACFA and the TICA count with affiliations of Japanese clubs that organize exhibitions under their respective regulations.

Thorough these con connections, the Japanese bobtail was introduced into the west in the 60’s. And Japan, where there doesn’t exist any quarantine norms, has benefit by the many imports of cats for breeding from the United States.

Most of the exhibitions in Japan follow the open system.

An Australia there are several feline associations in each state that are affiliated to the Sydney-bases coordinating cat council of Australia (CCC of A).

The activity is fundamentally concentrated in the southeast part of the country.

The exhibitions of Australian cats as of the new Zealanders (regulated by the New Zealand cat fancy, with its headquarters in Nelson) usually follow similar norms, as does the British GCCF.

Furthermore, the official events are often celebrated in unconventional exhibitions as part of their local fairs.

In Australia there are no autochthonous cats, but were the colonists who introduced them in the XIX Century. The manifests of many British ships that sailed to Australia at the middle of the century include in their lists cats, alone with several articles that were important for agriculture, as were seeds and tools.

In this continent, the felinophylia is limited to South Africa. Who actually owns clubs and an organism that registers who is also based in the GCCF?

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