Feline Associations in Europe

The Scandinavian countries, Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Germany created their own feline associations and organized cat exhibitions not long before Great  Britain gave the tone at the end of XIX Century.

In the continental Europe, the free movement of cats with pedigree between countries has never suffered any important restrictions; they are only subject to a vaccination certificate against the rabies. So, the big exhibitions celebrated in Germany, the Netherlands and France traditionally have brought many international participants.

However, the wars (specially the second world war) affected negatively the sector, due to the shortage of food, to the spreading of diseases and the difficult to maintain the exhibition structures during times of war.

Once the Second World War ended, in the year of 1945, they profit from the greater international collaboration to recover the sector.

Since 1949, the international feline federation (IFF) has been the central organism for the European Feline Associations, with representation in 30 countries. The IFF is the biggest feline organization in the world and it represents more than 150,000 breeders and exhibitors.

The affiliated clubs of the member countries maintain their own breed registries, but in general they observe the breed standards and the acknowledge races that the IFF determines.

This federation also regulates the introduction of new breeds, the management and norms of exhibitions done by affiliated associations, and the resolution of conflicts and complaints.

The IFF Also counts with affiliated associations in many countries out of Europe. Furthermore than from the affiliated associations to the IFF, almost all the European countries count at least with another feline association that has a registry and organizes exhibitions, as also specialized clubs in concrete breeds.

Many European exhibitioners exhibit their cats in several countries in the continental Europe, where, the same as in north America the big exhibitions usually last two days due to the distances.

One of the biggest exhibitions in Europe is the one organized by the cat club of Paris.

The national exhibitions of the Netherlands and of Germany also attract many and varied participants. The international character of these exhibitions makes possible for an amazing system of extended championship, where in function to the awards given by the part of a series of different judges, a cat may be international champion or great international champion, titles validated by the IFF.

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