Feline Endoparasites

In specialized books, we find an endless list of numerous parasites that pullulate inside a cat (endoparasites). However, the kind of internal parasites that have some practical importance in their daily life are few. 

Who ever wants to know them with accuracy, you have to take for each case to the veterinarian a sample of feces for analysis. Eggs from the intestinal parasites will allow determining the kind of worm and you can even be surprised by some of the long Latin names they have. Now, with modern vermicides, widely effective against many parasites, need an absolute precise diagnosis in special cases. 

Intestinal parasites infestation weakens cats and causes many other diseases or indispositions. It is very important to free these animals from this. Modern preparations are obtain in a simple and inoffensive way. It is not possible to avoid all intestinal parasites infestations, so do not panic. However, you must follow this advice; fish must be given cooked; raw fish is transmitter of numerous intestinal parasites.

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