Feline Gastritis

Inflammation of the stomach mucous, in majority of cases, the irritation provokes vomits. The cause is probably because of some rotten food, toxic substances and indigestible ingredients of foods. Same way as ball hairs are always expelled from longhaired cats, same as grass agglomerations and in some occasions, grumes of intestinal worms. Even though it sounds disgusting, you should always check the vomit. In many cases, you can see everything with clarity. If the body has expelled indigestible substances, no treatment is needed. After what has happen, a family member might feel a little embarrassed. There is someone who might have fed the cat a little too much his favorite food. The consequence will be a stuffed stomach and vomit relief; and the animal will have to suffer human irrationality.

If you suspect of poisoning, you must keep the vomit and take it to the veterinarian, so he can confirm. If vomit continues, you will have to take another action. From ancient times, it has been discussed that cats suffer gastroenteritis from eating grass; or because of stomach irritation they eat grass to recover. I think cats are intelligent and think the last option is the best. Cats always eat grass as a natural dietetic. That is why, it is correct to offer them a small pot of herbs that it is possible to acquire already prepared. With them, they regulate their digestion. 

Fasting for one day does not cause any harm. I think that is better than using the technique of quickly passing to an easy digested food. This means that some cats react sensitively to dietetic products. In case of fasting, always give them fresh water, not milk. If vomit becomes worrisome and is continued, begin to feed you cat some oat pap. Thereby relapses are avoided. In case of taking care of it at home, I’m not really in favor of giving the animal medicine. I think that is a case that the veterinarian has to do. Only with their indication, you can use anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory in shape of suppositories. 

Foreign bodies
Foreign bodies in the stomach or intestine provoke vomits when the passage is obstructed. Very dangerous. Cat’s vomit constantly without defecating, their eyes sink in; so there is nothing better than going to a veterinarian. The only option is an immediate operation.   

Nervous vomit
Some cats get sick in cars and feel the need to vomit. Vomit also produces some cases of cerebral commotion. The cause is not in the stomach, but in the brain. There is some medication against vomit that comes in shape of a suppository. Even you veterinarian can prescribe you some special preparation for humans as well as for animals. 

When vomit appears accompanied of fever, there is an infection. It would be wrong to try to play doctor and think it is only the stomach. A veterinarian must see the animal and for its own good, hope it is not an infectious feline enteritis.

It is not strange that a neurosis manifest itself in cats by vomits combined with diarrhea. Don’t forget that cats have robust bodies, but psychically they are very sensitive.

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