Feline Gum Inflammation

In case of gum inflammation, the way they chew slowly and the saliva flow will call your attention. You will see that the gums are not their usual pale pink color, but a dark red. It is not tensed over the jawbone, but appears to be spongy and swollen and bleeds easily. In worst cases, you can even see ulcerous changes in the mouth cavity. Cats will exhale a disgusting odor. 

Before beginning any treatment, we have to ask ourselves possible causes. In a prolonged feline flu, gum inflammation is very frequent which can end up in ulcerous decomposition. Animals don’t look as sick as they are suppose to. treatment has to be done by a veterinarian.  When they present serious disorders in their general condition, the reason can be due to a renal disease, which it also is treated by a professional, same as poisonings. Simple gingivitis is produced often due to an inappropriate nutrition, and almost always in pampered cats. These worthy creatures are fed predominantly by sweets or meat without fat, due to a misunderstanding towards animals. If you think, unfortunately it doesn’t eat anything else; let it fast for a while. The remedy is to give them compound and varied food. A healthy mouse is ideal nutrition for cats. This little animal consists of meat, indigestible parts, for example bones and besides, a garrison of vegetables from its intestinal content. 

You can bring together all those components, and if not, give your cat a well-prepared meal. Due to some shortage or previous damages that already exist, you must give them vitamin injections from a veterinarian; vitamin tablets and mineral substances are also good. Real true compromised cat friends can treat them directly. treatment is done with dye of myrrh, sold in drugstores. Put a drop on the tip of your finger and rub it gently on your cat. Thereby the spongy fabric is reaffirmed. 

Foreign bodies
When your cat gets home, does it have too much saliva and scrubs his snout with its legs? If that is the case, it might have licked something unpleasant; or it might also be it has something in the mouth cavity. In any case, you must check it out; between the teeth, at the level of the molars, it might have incrusted a small bone. It’s rare that this will happen, since cats are so careful when they eat, but sometimes it can happen. Withdrawing what they have, it’s not always easy, even if it’s something easily seen. 

If we use our fingers, we won’t hurt it, but it we might receive an unpleasant bite. What is dangerous to use are tweezers because if they bite it, it can break a tooth. It’s better to go to a veterinarian. The animal will be sedated and it will be easier to solve the problem there. 

When a cat has played with threads or thin cords, it might get stuck on the tongue. The upset animal will start rubbing that part of the body. Do not pull, only on one end of the thread that hangs. It might get a cut. I do not believe in using domestic equipment. Let a veterinarian use his skills. Besides that, these cases have to be taken as urgencies since the tongue has abundant blood, it can get strangled quickly.

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