Feline Inspiration

The incredible flexibility and natural elegance of cats has originated admiration and have been a source of inspiration, so much for good or bad things. Now, a web site in the United States shows us how to dance with our cat. Although, the idea might seem ridiculous, it is beneficial as a daily exercise (For the cat and for you), and a useful way to reinforce the bonds between the owner and his cat. On this same site, there are many published books whose proposition is to be inspired by the ct, king of stretching, to practice alternative yoga in a totally different registry, the cat has integrated itself into the psychiatric scope as a therapeutic help to calm the nervous tension, s in prison, where he contributes in making the isolation of prisoners more tolerable.

In some hospitals they allow children to have cats and they also permit them in some third age residences.

A Telegenic Creature
The crescent passion for the animals brings the increasing consumption of all kinds of products related to them.

The cat, as all domestic animals, represent a vast economical sector that gives life to thousands of companies that produce, care articles, breeding articles, accessories… but furthermore than producing canned foods and other, the publicity has made of cats one of its favorite animals, using him to symbolize the mystery, refinement, smoothness or comfort, and some cats that feature adds have to be known as much as the product they promote. Others have acquired international fame thanks to the screen. This is the case of orangey, born in 1951. It seems that this beautiful red-furred cat, indisputable star (Breakfast with diamonds) and winner of several patsy awards, had a real bad character they also say that his cache was equal to that of a film human star, that he had a seat with its name and that he arrived to the studio in a huge limousine driven by a chauffeur.

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