Feline Rheumatism

Sometimes, old cats become rigid and move with heaviness. This does not depend necessarily and exclusively because of their age. This movement limitation is produced by numerous affections of the skeleton and musculature. Most cases it is understood under the generic concept of rheumatism, but it describes the situation accurately. Observe if it feels any pain. If his general condition is good and you can only appreciate some rigid movements, it’s not necessary to undertake anything decisive. Where cats sleep must be warm and totally free of draughts. You can test this with a candle. Light up a candle, if it oscillates; it is not a good place to sleep.  Besides that, it is good to give your cat not only varied nourishment, but also moderate. Inconvenience of aging can be relieved with special preparations for animals. It’s amazing how after taking this preparations, hair starts to shine again and old glories recover spirit. Only when cats pants and meows madly, I would ask a veterinarian for an anti inflammatory sedative. Do not use any medication from the house. That is something that has cause serious poisonings. You should administrate medication following exactly what the prescription says. 

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