Feral Cats and Basic Needs

Wild domestic cats have the same basic needs of the others: food and a place where to shelter.

In abandoned warehouses, factories, farms, barns, houses and buildings, subway stations, etc., cats almost always find shelters that are near to food sources as restaurants with their full trash cans and also there are always rodents and birds.

The substitution of the trash cans for plastic gas has been a blessing for urban cats. With a quick whack of their claws the plastic shreds and leaves at the open its succulent tidbits.

The great containers with wheels of many restaurants present more difficulties, but they are frequently left open or are not shut well. Also around these zones you can find big cardboard boxes that are used by homeless people as permanent shelters and are also a good place for cats.

Another attractiveness of the center of a city is that they usually have better temperature than the surrounding areas, which, in winter can lark the difference between life and death.

Some lucky colonies live inside big buildings as apartments, hospitals, hotels, etc, which have basements with hot water pipelines and also full trash cans of rest of tasty food.

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