First Routines

The whelps go through their first days sleeping ad feeding. The normal weigh when born is of 55 to 115 grams, and they usually gain about 15 grams each day.

As orientation, a cat must weigh at the end of each week, the added equivalent of their weigh when born. They must gain in their weigh each week around 55 to 115 grams.

A few days after, when the feeding routines have been established, you have to examine the whelps and, if possible weigh them every day. Hold them up carefully. Put a hand over and with the other hold them, firm but softly, by the neck. A healthy and well-fed kitten will be chubby and strong, and will have its face and hinds clean.

Since the first day, the mother will lick the anal zone of the whelps to stimulate the defecation and to clean them after she will clean their face, body and legs obsessively.

Several days after, the cat will change to a new place and will take its whelps with her one by one, by carrying them by the neck. This behavior is natural between wild felines and they respond to the desires of the other to prevent attacks from predators.

Sometimes you may make her think that she has change to another place by changing the box to another area alike and by putting new bed clothes on her bed, but leave some of the old clothes so she may have something familiar inside the box.

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