Ghostly Cats

Because of the traditional association of cats with the night and with hell, it is surprising for them not to appear in more ghost stories. While there are more stories of spectral dogs, ghostly cats are rare. However, they tell that near to Chetwyind hall, in Shropshire, England, a feline ghost would appear due that in the middle of the XIX Century the owner Madam Pigott and her cat were exorcised. She died during birth some 70 years ago. She could be seen every full moon night sitting under a tree at the park, combing its baby’s hair and accompanied by a black cat.

Another story of ghostly cats comes from the English locality of Ropley, Hampshire, where a century ago an old woman used to find a cat on the stairs of her house or sitting by the chimney. Then the cat would cross the room and would suddenly disappear.

The old woman told the local historian that she wasn’t afraid because she was convinced that it was her mother’s ghost; she even added that she knew this because of the way the cat moved.

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