Going on Vacations with your Cat

Cats on vacations
A wonderful time for the family. How great getting out of the routine. Unknown countries widen our vision of the world, different weather exercises the capacity of adjustment of blood circulation, and more surprises for our stomachs and knowledge impose on their own. However, none of these arguments convince cats. Generally, they prefer their domestic territory.

Dog lovers love to tell an old story on how cats are only attached to their homes and not their owners, which is not always true. It’s undeniable, however, that there is a strong attachment to home. But I’m not saying that we have to do everything depending on cats. It’s possible to expect some capacity of accommodation from them.

Cat stays home
It will live surrounded by their known environment, will receive their usual food and will be able to see how nice it is to live in family. How wonderful when the family returns. The ideal thing would be to be attended only by one person. Give them food, change water and clean the litter box. Few caresses and some games will be more than welcomed. 

Cat’s daycare
Good daycare direction circulates almost on the black market. Cleanliness and good nourishment is always an assumption. However, there is always some difficult to know if the person taking care of the animal is good with them.  It’s advisable to get a prescription for a previous vaccine, since nostalgic cats get sick easily. Normally, they can get infectious enteritis, feline flu or even rabies. It also useful to take their sleeping basket. Do not wash their pillow before; it has to keep that home smell. 

Once vacations are over, you have to make time for it and reestablish their mood. 

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