Heat Inhibition in Semi-wildcats

It happens in occasions that some altruistic friends feed regularly semi wildcats and without an owner. They are taken care of, but don’t allow to be touched or grabbed almost never. The great misfortune starts when it has kittens at regular intervals. While they don’t turn out to be decimated first days of life because of atmospheric inclemency or epidemics, these poor animals will increase the amount of stray cats in poor condition. Their luck is always unpleasant. Because of it, the question on how to restrict fecundity always comes up. This is obtained also with the known hormonal tablets. You only have to remember that it has to be taken once a week. These wild colleagues are not selective at all and they will throw themselves to a pill shaped like a sausage. With a little bit of skill, this works very good, but you cant always expect one hundred percent success, for example in docile domestic cats. When they eat a pill inadvertently, don’t worry because nothing will happen. On the contrary, it mitigates their sexual activity. During the months of October to January it’s justified to stop administering pills. But I would keep offering them the piece of sausage so they don’t loose their habit. 

There is another option, which is asking to borrow cat tramps. With this you can castrate the captured animal and then set them free. These two methods of course mean an economical issue, so not everyone can put this into practice. 

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