Heated Outdoor Cat House

IfHeated Outdoor Cat House you are going to have your cat living outside this winter you should consider getting your feline a heated outdoor cat house. It is really an important investment for anybody who wants their cat to have a healthy and happy winter. Even if it doesn’t snow the winter nights can cause your cat to suffer needlessly if its cat house is not heated. If you are concerned about the costs it is possible to find great AC/Heater units that not only give you a heated outdoor cat house but cooling for those summer months as well. In fact the Super Cat house Air Conditioner/Heater is so efficient that it uses the same amount of electricity as four standard house light bulbs. Another thing to be aware of is the insulation no matter what type of Heater you get if you are going to buy one and have it installed then you will most certainly want to be sure and have your cat house insulated as well. Having a heated outdoor cat house without insulation is like throwing money down a black hole. Not only will your cat house heater have to work harder and therefore consume more electricit


y but it will also shorten the life of your unit. One of the greatest benefits to having heating in your cathouse is that you can safely leave your feline outside in its house and as long as you regulate the temperature not have to worry about trying to bring your cat into the house if the temperature drops too much. Be sure that any cat in a heated outdoor cat house always has plenty of fresh water as it can quickly become dehydrated with devastating results. As winter is fast approaching take some time to look into prices and get your heater set up now.

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