Heated Outdoor Cat House

We won a heated outdoor cat house in a raffle and cat houseso decided to get a kitten to go with it. Since we really didn’t know so much about cats I thought it would be good to do some research. This is some of what I learnt. Once you take the choice to get a cat there comes the all important question. What is the best cat? As with dogs there really is no “best” cat. What must be decided instead is, what is the best cat for your particular situation. The ultimate choice should depend on factors like. The personalities of the cat’s mother and father, its interpersonal relationship with its siblings and birth mother, things that make it afraid, its level of excitability, how it reacts to handling. (Is it easily handled or does it fight and resist.) A kitten between 6 and 7 weeks old can be removed from the litter and its birth mother and brought home. The time a kitten spends in its litter is important as that is when your kitten learns important socialization skills with its siblings and mother and will be better able to interact with other cats later in life. The next phase of your new cat’s socialization should involve lots of interaction with adults, children and other animals. Since your cat will probably be around these things all its life it is important that from an early age your feline understand not only the rules of interspecies in


teractions but also not have a fear of meeting new species. Be sure to also introduce your cat to lots of different situations (like car rides etc…) and objects (like household appliances, kitchen appliances etc…) while young to help give it the ability to cope better with new things when older. Heated cat house

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