How to Build a Cat House

I would really like to see a series on how tcat houseo build a cat house. Maybe they could explain a new part of the cat house every week or even show how to build a different type of cat house every show. I think that if you were to mix cat houses in with dog houses, terrariums, aquariums, bird cages and breeders, etc… you could come up with a good show.

The questions that I am the most concerned about are those that deal with the specifics of a cathouse because I am right now trying to put together my very own cat house. A few people have told me that I am mad and to just get online and order a beautiful cedar wood cat town house and be done with it but I want to experience the whole thing. What I need to know are things like, what is the best material to use in the construction, how high to make the ceiling, how wide and long to make the house, what size should the door be and at what height in relation to the ceiling? Is it best to make a cat house on the ground or elevated on legs? If elevated what height is best for my cat? Is it essential to insulate the cat house or is that just a luxury? Are cathouses best built for inside the house or is it better to put the cat’s house outside in the yard? Should I make an enclosure for the cat house and include a play area etc… or is this too restrictive for a cat? What size should the enclosure be? And what exactly should be included?


I would really like to see a show that focuses on these questions and other questions that I am sure many pet owners have. Heated outdoor cat house

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