How to Build a Large Cat House

While takingcat house classes recently on how to build a large cat house I learnt some cool tips. For starters I had joined the class on how to build a large cat house because my kitten was growing and I knew that soon enough I was either going to need to buy a large cat house or make it myself. I always considered myself to be a fairly capable guy when it comes to woodwork and so the idea of building a large cedar wood cathouse was definitely appealing. To start with the classes were focused on the specific needs of felines. This was interesting as I had always assumed that since cats are such solitary animals they wouldn’t mind whatever kind of cat house you offered to them. My cat in particular loves climbing up high and lying up on a perch just above head level. This probably has something to do with the fact that I also have a dog and although they get along well there are times when my cat just wants to be completely out of reach of “Momo.” Also I often have visitors over in my house and thi


s is probably the other reason why my cat likes to be just above head level. Most people walk right past it without even noticing that there is a cat resting right above them. I think my cat probably prefers it this way. So after talking about the specific needs of cats and how cats are all different, we got into the actual planning of the cat house we were each intending to make. I decided that since my cat likes heights so much, that it would be nice to build a large cat house but up high on legs. How to build a cat house

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